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Baby Warmer / Photo-Therapy

CFL Phototherapy NEO -100



  • Design : Heavy duty mobile stand mounted on four antiskid castors with height adjustable facility
  • Source Box:MS Powder coated with easy tilting facility, imported mirror coated reflector With four dimension reflector grill
  • Powerrequirement–230V/50Hz
    Power consumption – 100W


  • Phototherapy: Compact Fluorescent Tubes (CFL) Based Unit
  • Lamps:4 Compact Fluorescent Tubes (CFL) Specially made for phototherapy treatment Manufactured By Philips Poland, Approx 18watt each
  • Observation :1 Compact Fluorescent Tube (CFL) regular day light for observation purpose
  • Ballast: energy saving 5 electronic ballasts make Philips
  • Fan: Cooling fan to reduce over heat of source unit
  • Treatment: maximum irradiance at Skin level up to 30µw/cm2/nm at 30cm with wave length 370 to 500nm
  • Timer: Digital timer for Total lamp usage and patient exposure, Optional programmable auto Switch off Facility