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Patient Monitor

Contec CMS 6000 - 5 Para



*8.4” Colour TFT LCD display

*Standard Parameters:ECG , NIBP , SpO2 , Resp., Temp., PR

*Upgrades: Respiration, Temperature, IBP, ETCO2, Network, Printer

*Compact portable with high resolution backlight TFT display

*Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients

*Audible & Visual Alarms with adjustable alarm ranges and Alarm recall

*Built-In Battery/Mains operation and upgradeable

*Date, Time, Patient Data and Setup conditions with clear indication

 *Multi Screen formats (All ECG Leads Display)

*Arrythmia and ST Level Monitoring

*SpO2 with Plethysmograph  and Pulse Strength indicator

*NIBP interval setting from 1 min to 90 mins

*48 Hour graphical Trends for HR/SpO2  and 500 NIBP reading storage

*Can be connected to Central Station (Networking)



*Heart Rate Range :10~300 bpm

*Accuracy : +/-1% or +/-1 bpm ,whichever is greater

*Diagnostic: 0.05-75 Hz

*Lead Selection: I,II,III,avR,avF,V1-V6

*S-T Segment Monitoring

*Arrhythmia Analysis: Yes

*Sweep Speed: 12.5mm/s ,25mm/s ,50mm/s

*Gain Selection: : *0.5, *1 ,*2, Auto


*Method: Oscillometric

*Measurement Types : Manual, Diastolic, Mean, Pulse Rate

*Operation Mode: Manual, Automatic, STAT

*Measurement Unit: mmHg/kPa selectable Automatic Measurement time : 1-240 min

*Measurement Range:

*Adult/Children   Systolic    25-265 mmHg         Systolic      25-135 mmHg

                             Mean        18-245 mmHg         Mean          18-120 mmHg

                             Diastolic   12-220mmHg          Diastolic     12-110 mmHg

*Cuff Pressure Range :0-300 mmHg

*Alarm:  Optional Alarm range , Alarm events recallable


*Display : The Pulse Oxygen Saturation Pulse Intensity ;Plethysmograph wave ;Pulse  


*Measurement Range: 0~100 %                  *Resolution: 1%

*Accuracy: +/-2% or +/-1 bpm ,whichever is greater

*Pulse Rate Measurement Range: 25~250 bpm

*Pulse Rate Accuracy: +/-2 bpm

*Alarm: Optional Alarm range , Alarm events recallable


*Effective Measurement Range :0-50 Degrees C

*Resolution: 0.10 Degree C                      *Accuracy: +/-0.1 Degree C

* Average Response Time : <2 min


*Method :RA-LL Impedance                  *Measurement Range: 0~120 bpm