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Patient Monitor

Contec Table Top Pulse Oximeter Model - 70 A



*Operation of the product is simple ,low power consumption

*Displays : SpO2 ,Pulse rate , bar graph , PI , Pulse waveform 

*Menu operation

*Screen brightness can be changed

*The display mode can be changed

*Pulse rate sound indication,it can be turned on or turned off

*With measured data overruns limits and low-voltage alarm function,the upper/down alarm range can be adjustable

*Battery capacity indication

*Low-voltage indication: low-voltage indicator appears before working abnormally which is due to low-voltage,

and with alarm function

*Connected with an external oximeter probe



*Measurement range:0~100%


*Accuracy:70~100% ±2%,0~69% unspecified

*Alarm range:0~100%

Pulse Rate:

*Range:0~254bpm      *Resolution:1bpm       *Accuracy: ±1bpm