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VET Table Top Pulse Oximeter With NIBP


Contec CMS 5000 SpO2 & NIBP




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VET Table Top Pulse Oximeter With NIBP

Contec CMS 5000 SpO2 & NIBP



* Compact and portable, allowing for uninterrupted monitoring with built-in battery

* High bright LEDS display of NIBP, SpO2 and pulse rate

* High resolution color LCD for trend tabular and SPO2 waveforms display

* Manual/auto/continuous measurement of NIBP

* Adjustable audible and visual alarms

* Up to 600 groups NIBP data up to 10 hours

* AC/DC Operation


* 7 segment LEDS for systolic ,diastolic, mean pressures,SPO2 and pulse rate

* 2.4``color LCD for waveforms, Bar graph, Trend and System Menu



* Method : Oscillometry

* Operation modes: Manual/Automatic/STAT

* Auto Measure time :5~250 minutes adjustable ,interval 5 minutes

* Measurement range:10~270mmHg

* Overpressure protection: yes

* Resolution:1mmHg

* Alarm: Systolic, Diastolic, Mean



* Measurement range:0~100%

* Resolution:1%

* Accuracy:70~100% ±2%,0~69% unspecified

* Alarm range:0~100%


Pulse Rate:

* Range:0~254bpm      * Resolution:1bpm        * Accuracy: ±1bpm