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Baby Warmer / Photo-Therapy


Neonatal Intensive Care Warmer -NEO300


CFL Phototherapy NEO -100


LED Phototherapy - NEO 200 Plus




ECG Connectors & Cables For All Types Of Machines


SpO2 Connectors & Probes for All Brands Of Machines


NIBP Cuffs- Reusable - Adult, Pediatric , Neonatal


ECG & Fetal Monitor Paper Rolls for All Brands of Machines


NIBP Cuffs- Disposable- Adult, Pediatric , Neonatal


SpO2 Probe - Disposable


ECG Clamps and Bulbs - Adult & Pediatric


Disposable ECG Electrodes




Ultrasound Jel


ECG / Ultrasound Jar






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Syringe / Infusion Pumps

Syringe Pump - BYZ 810



  • 3 Vein Infusion Modes : Rate Mode, Time-Volume Mode, Dosage Weight Mode

* Function to remove bubbles in the tube fast

* Function to handle fast speed and large volume (bolus)

* The system automatically opens up KVO after injection (reopens vein circulation)

* Function to Preset Solution Volume: The user can preset the solution volume. The machine will automatically stop and start the KVO function once the preset solution volume is finished

* The machine automatically records the setting for last injection. It greatly reduces users’ workload

* Function to Auto-Define a Syringe : Complete calibration technology for syringe brand definition that ensures the compatibility of any brand of syringe and injection accuracy

* Prompt alarm will sound when injection is almost done; injection is finished, preset dosage is done, injection blockage occurs, syringe device is improperly installed, a wrong speed is set, AC power is unplugged, battery is close to zero.

* Freely Stackable : you freely stack one onto another to provide multiple solutions, combination solutions has a wide range of clinical   applications


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